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Supply Chain Resilience: Are You On The Right Track?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Resilient organizations are well equipped and organized to cope better with disruption, uncertainty, risk, vulnerability from hostile and failures in market conditions, supply & demand interruptions, new pandemics, economic crises, cyber-attacks, facility disruptions, politics, wars, international conflicts, natural disasters, and unexpected events.

A multitude of disruptions from which its speed, novelty, complexity, or impact can cause a complete facility shutdown, reduced capacity, cut off workforce access, and put the business transactions at a halt.

Uncertainty is the norm in business. Resiliency becomes the center of focus to achieve a culture of readiness, survival, & thrive regardless.

As shown in our infographic below, the Elements of Supply Chain Resilience, in which it has the capabilities to anticipate, adapt, respond, recover, learn from unexpected disruptions and grow from them. It's a clear result of well-orchestrated and integration between the business and its supply chains.

The elements of supply chain resilience take everyone and every department to understand, combine strengths, commit to the common goals of meeting customer demand.

It takes investments to achieve those elements and let's not forget the cost of not doing so.

Elements of Supply Chain Resilience - Supply Chain Adviser

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