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Jit Hinchman, Founder of Supply Chain Adviser™ was interviewed by European Digital Week Magazine.

It's been a privilege that our Founder, Jit Hinchman is recognized as a global leading expert in Supply Chain Management and Business Consulting. She was interviewed and featured on the European Digital Week Magazine, Special Edition.

Jit shared her views on Supply Chain Management and the Fulfillment industry's future trends. Opinion on how sustainability, accountability, and traceability are critical to brand belonging. Tips for the next generation of Supply Chain professionals, and much more.

We, at Supply Chain Adviser, are the expert in Supply Chain Management, to help you get on track with your business needs.

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Jit Hinchman, M.Eng, M.Sc, CSCP, CLSS is the founder of Supply Chain Adviser, an inspiring Supply Chain Adviser™️, creative problem solver, stabilizer agent with the ability to bring a sense of continuous accountability for achievement.

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